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The Epic-Cure Almost Monthly Newsletter

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We have one new mobile food pantry manager trainee

New 20 minute Q&A Facebook Live sessions.

$5000 matching donation results.

Governance update

We have added new metric gathering with our normal demographics. Now are tracking families, individuals, seniors, children, people with disabilities, active military/veterans served as well as if families are new to our food pantry and if they have lost wages/hours due to COVID. In the first few weeks of tracking the data we are finding that 13% of the families that visit our food distributions have lost jobs/hours due to COVID. BUT, there is a significant margin of error in the first few weeks as not all families were filling in the data. We are going to work on improving data collection.

Notes on graph:

1. Reduction in pounds in caused by the end of the Borden milk donation of 300 gallons a week and reduction in orders due to weekend food for Title 1 school children being suspended for a few weeks with school starting. That program has moved to Saturdays and we are working with the schools to build participation again.

2. People served increased significantly with an increase of 56% (401 families to 627 families each Friday) at the Palatka Friday Warehouse distributions. As of 10/2, Feeding Northeast Florida is now sending a 3rd truck so we can meet the increasing participation and need there. We also added every other week distributions at Flagler Hospital.

Grants & Fundraising:

• Received $7,500 grant from Clay Electric to purchase the food grade ceiling tiles we need to make the Palatka warehouse ready for inspection. We should receive funds in October. The Housing Authority in Palatka has offered to provide the labor to install them for free.

• Received $10,000 grant from Putnam CARES to cover operating expenses in Palatka. They have increased the grant maximum to $50,000 so we have applied for an additional $40,000.


• We have added every other week distributions at Flagler Hospital.

Cooking Classes:

• Our 2nd (rescheduled) cooking class at Five Star Veterans Center has been set for October 24th.

Other Cool Stuff:


Mobile distributions decreased due to combining Woodlawn Terrace and Mt. Moriah distributions since they were right across the street and condensing reporting of home deliveries.

We had a new volunteer organize frozen meal deliveries and the VFW/AMVETS increased meal service for veterans so we saw an uptick in meals for seniors and veterans.

Weekend food program suspended for 2 weeks with the start of the school year. Since the program moved to Saturdays only Webster Elementary staff has been willing to reopen the program. We are working with them to expand the program again. The need hasn’t gone away, only our avenue for distribution.



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