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Mulford, Sunny (AGP19_Sunny-3 copy).jpg
Sunny Mulford

Executive Director

Sunny Mulford is a co-founder of Epic Cure®,– Sustain U.®, her latest effort in a long history of charitable acts that include CASA training and mentoring and housing underprivileged children.


For more than 17 years, Sunny has worked in financial services as an auditor for insurance companies. Since early 2016, she has managed audits on global casualty accounts for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as a Senior Auditor for Chubb Insurance (Atlanta, GA). Prior to working for Chubb, she worked as a Supervising Auditor for Premium Audit Services (Fairfield, NJ) and as a Field Auditor and Audit Review Professional for Charles Hock Associates (Clifton Park, NY). 


Additionally, Sunny has been the Director of Finance for Rebar Capital LLC®, a commercial real estate lending and investing business she co-founded with her husband Ken. An IRS Enrolled Agent (Certification, 2002), she has been admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. She serves as Rebar Capital’s Tax Matters Partner.


Sunny lives in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida, with her husband Ken and her son Kenneth.

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