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The Epic-Cure Almost Monthly Newsletter

August was a record-breaking month - 392,000 pounds distributed to 4,885 families. That is about 80 pounds of food per family.

Our volunteers braved 90+ degree temperatures all summer to make that happen.

Since our first distribution 15 months ago we are been able to rescue and distribute 2.1 million pounds of food (1069.92 tons). Volunteer efforts go much farther than they know. Not only are they helping people in need, they are also helping to improve the environment.

Grants & Fundraising:

· Put deposit down to purchase refrigerated box truck. We received the grant money to cover the $58,000 purchase.

· We held our first Fundraising Committee meeting on 8/15 and have them scheduled bi-weekly so we can gain momentum there. We are working to get to a sustainable level for regular operating expenses.

· With a grant from United Way for $10,400 for purchasing food (50%) and supplies needed to distribute that food (50%), we assist Hugs Across the County’s pantry stocking at 10 local schools.

- We provide canned corn, green beans, black beans, easy-open chicken noodle soup, easy-open vegetable soup, Kashi granola bars, fruit cups, spaghetti sauce, and peanut butter and jelly.

- Hugs volunteers will deliver the supplies to eleven Title 1 schools.

§ Kids can stop by the guidance counselor’s office and put supplies in their backpacks in an anonymous way, so they have food for the night/weekend.

- So far, we have only spent $1,500 of the grant. We have ordered food and supplies from the Bishop’s Storehouse and Sysco.

- The school district submitted a grant request to continue this program for 3 years to cover rent for unit 3 and the cost of food and transportation.

· Hugs Across the County received a grant to cover the next 3 months’ rent for unit 3 (St. Augustine warehouse). In 2 months, they will reapply for the grant.


· Our Saturday distribution at Woodlawn Terrace has been diverted to a new area due to low attendance. All of the residents at Woodlawn were directed to attend the Tuesday Mt. Moriah distribution which is right across the street. We are spreading the resources to an area of great need in the outskirts of St. Augustine.

Cooking Classes:

· Our 2nd cooking class at Five Star Veterans Center was canceled due to the death of one of their residents.

· Using the food already gathered for the class, Ken and Chef Brian made dinner for everyone there.

· 5 Star’s CEO, Col. Len Loving, USMC Ret., wrote to thank us on behalf of the staff and residents for proving sustenance in their time of deep grief.

Composting & Food Waste:

· With Wyatt Boester in town, we held both a live streaming compost workshop and a small group workshop for building composting bins.

· There is a lot of interest in the community on the topic.

· Wyatt agreed to share his email address for people that had questions after watching the videos or attending the workshops.

Other Cool Stuff:

· The UNF senior programming class has chosen us for their project this year. They will be designing an inventory system for our Palatka warehouse that will be used to support other agencies.

· We have made great progress on the “How To Guide”. We will make videos to go along with the guide over the next few weeks.



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