Michele Anderson


Currently employed by the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, Michele Anderson describes her 23 years there as “rewarding from the start.”  Prior to this role, Michele worked in the dormitories, instructed in vocational training, and been a coach assistant on the Physical Education department.


She was raised in Oklahoma and learned to give to others through her parents’ work helping individuals and other families that were less fortunate than they. Michele finds great happiness in helping others, and recently volunteered in two other local food pantries.


Of her dedicated service to Epic-Cure Inc., she says, “I expected the usual help of stocking groceries and serving the patrons as I stepped into the Epic-Cure warehouse in June, 2019. Little did I know that I would be asked to help with the expansion of [the charity’s] vision and mission. Whether I am driving a truck, working in the warehouse, or helping on the frontline of a mobile food distribution, I deem it a privilege to assist with such a wonderful endeavor.”

Food waste is the single largest material sent to landfills

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