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Monica Sanchez


Monica’s demonstrated dedication to the Epic-Cure cause and her expertise in dealing with complex systems with the added wildcard of human interactions in stressful circumstances made our decision easy, indeed. Daily, she masterfully embodies the ethos of Epic-Cure, dealing everywhere and always with patrons and volunteers with generosity of spirit, gentle kindness, unfailing grace, and the deepest respect for preserving and raising the dignity of all with whom she comes into contact. This is the most important thing.


If this description makes her seem like a pushover, well think again. We mentioned that she is expert in managing complex systems and can prove it. Monica previously worked for the New York City Department of Education where she became the Principal of one of the most violent schools in the Bronx. She was tasked with turning it around and then phasing it out. She did turn it around, working with a population of 4,000 students, 200+ teachers, a cabinet of 10, and supporting staff of over 20. In two years, she turned a failing school into a performing school. Monica oversaw the eventual phasing out, and, all the while, she lived an unwavering belief in students’ ability to succeed provided they are given the opportunities and resources to do so.

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