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David Rice


Dr. Rice has played an active role over the past 20 years as an advocate for the underserved and underprivileged. 


Dr. Rice was instrumental in the establishment of the SIGHT Program in the St. Johns County Jail and Drug Court.  SIGHT is an innovative drug and alcohol intervention program that was heralded by John Walters, President George Bush’s Drug Czar as a model for community based intervention. 


Dr. Rice saw that children coming from lower income families were falling behind in school because of a lack of reading ability.  Partnering with the Nemours Foundation he raised the initial funds and led in the establishment of the BrightStart program in St. Johns County Schools. 

Dr. Rice has also been active internationally – providing water wells to communities in Africa, community development projects in India and Sri Lanka, and humanitarian aid to Haiti.  


He lives with his wife Vickie in St. Augustine Beach.

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